iOS 16 displays easy-to-share WiFi code

iOS 16 displays easy-to-share WiFi code

The update will allow you to easily find the password of the WiFi network that the iPhone is connected to and view it in its entirety.

It’s an innovative innovation at the center of the announcements made by Apple during the Global Developers Conference, but it has caused a huge backlash on social networks. During this annual conference, the US company dedicated the terms of its next software update to the iPhone, iOS 16.

In addition to all the new features associated with it, such as upgrading to a new lock screen or iMessage application, you can now fully display the Wi-Fi code when you want to connect to the network. Special site Macrumors.

Time saving

Typically, the Wi-Fi code appears in the form of an array of dots or stars for security and privacy reasons, such as passwords. In fact, it is currently not possible to “recover” an already registered Wi-Fi code, since the latter will never appear readable. It will no longer be on iOS 16, step by step again Macromer.

Wi-Fi functionality in iOS 16
Wi-Fi functionality in iOS 16 © Apple

To recover it, you need to go to the wifi area of ​​the settings. There, a new option dedicated to passwords will appear.

In short, it will save a considerable amount of time in sharing these difficult passwords.

During its annual conference, Apple announced a number of new features, such as iOS 16, the new MacBook Air equipped with the new generation chip, or software updates on its iPads and Apple watches. As a reminder, iOS 16 will be available to the general public in the fall.

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