Here is the most difficult math puzzle on the internet !!! Can it be solved?

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Logical challenges are known to all, some of which are shared among users who are only interested in the Internet and contribute to the creation of the viral post.
This is exactly what happens in challenges like the ones we bring to you today, which allows you to test your intelligence and your intuition at home.

A Mathematician’s Brain: A Specific Brain?

You may know it, but the ability to understand mathematics is studied by science. Researchers are really wondering if math teachers and math geniuses can be born with biological benefit.

To explore this possibility, one study sought to determine whether a person’s mathematical abilities were related to the concentrations of two major neurotransmitters involved in learning. Cognitive neuroscientists at the University of Oxford in the UK studied the levels of gaba and glutamate in the brain to see if these neurotransmitters could predict future mathematical abilities. Gaba and glutamate are two natural amino acids that play complementary roles: the first inhibits or slows down the activity of neurons or nerve cells in the brain, and the second makes them more active. Their conditions vary throughout life.

This combination made the experiment more interesting because scientists were able to see how GABA and glutamate are involved in complex cognitive ability that takes many years to mature, just like mathematical ability. The researchers not only discovered a link, but also found that the levels of these neurotransmitters change as children get older. This study was published in the journal PLOS Biology.

Isn’t that easy?

Come on, it’s yours! Concentrate and challenge your friends or colleagues with the puzzle of these numbers that seem incomprehensible to you.

We warn you: this puzzle can only be solved by a few, so do not get tired if you can not solve it. We have included the solution, but do not be fooled, read it only after trying to respond!

What is the answer:

As you can see from the attached image at the top of the page, today’s challenges include a series of relationships that seem insane at first glance. Obviously, logic is in the minds of those who create the puzzle, and it is up to you to figure it out!

A lot of people leave before the solution comes, so if you’re not ready, look at the picture and get a chance to say your answer. But the solution will come only if you use your intellect and mathematical skills well! If the solution is not shown correctly, see the original article below.

Do not despair though, as a reward for your goodwill, we have attached the correct answer below, read on and find out if you are a math genius!

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