At age 25, the founder of Scale AI is already a billionaire

At age 25, the founder of Scale AI is already a billionaire

Alexander Wang may not tell you anything, but the technologies of his company Scale AI are quickly being applied to well-known companies such as Pinterest, Etsy and Toyota. Name to follow!

Larger companies, such as Amazon, Google, Meta or Apple, have ample resources to design services and functions ranging from A to Z based on locally developed artificial intelligence technologies. But this is not necessary for small or medium enterprises.

Early luck

However, these technologies are essential for everyone from SMEs to multinational companies! Here comes a start-up Scale AI created in 2016 by 19-year-old Alexander Wang. The young mathematician had the idea of ​​providing a complete toolbox for companies to make the best use of artificial intelligence. The start-up can deliver the best of AI to its customers at the cost of creating and maintaining a specialized branch.

And it pays off: Scale AI has more than 300 customers, including many valuable names such as Samsung, Toyota, Nvidia, SAP, Pinterest, Instacart, Square, LinkedIn, Lyft. A major victory for Alexander Wang was retained by the U.S. Air Force. In this context, it is not surprising to see that Scale AI is advancing with significant improvement: it initially had more than 600 employees and its valuation exceeded $ 7 billion.

It’s a rich, very rich founder: step Forbes, Alexander Wang is now the head of the billion dollar estate. He is quite simply the youngest millionaire in the world! And based on the success of Scale AI’s solutions and the interest generated by investors, there is little doubt that it will not stand there. Wang’s fortune is still far from the wealth of his role model Elon Musk, but things are going very fast in Silicon Valley.

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