This hot air balloon is located 30 km above sea level for cocktails with a view of the earth.

Cette montgolfière vous emmènera à 30 km d’altitude pour siroter un cocktail avec vue sur la Terre

In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about space tourism. But these space missions come at a huge cost and environmental impact, and they are only for a few million.

In a balloon in the stratosphere

Other tests, less polluting and a little more accessible, are ready. This is the case Space Overview. This American company is making a new kind of travel. The pilot and up to eight passengers will board in the luxury cabin. Like a hot air balloon, it slowly rises into the sky by a balloon filled with hydrogen.

6 hour journey

Lasting 6 hours, the trip promises to be particularly pleasant and comfortable. The cabin rises at a speed of 20 km per hour in the sky and reaches an altitude of 30 km, enough to see the curve of the earth. After that, it takes two hours to disembark from the cabin and be done using a gigantic parachute. Trial: $ 125,000 or over 116,000.

First tripsDeparture from Florida, scheduled for late 2024. But the waiting list is already long, and by booking now, you will not be traveling until 2025.

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