A log knob on Chateauroux

A log knob on Chateauroux


Science: A log knob on Chateauroux
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Students from all over France brought back their knob, a single-celled organism. They need to come together to form a log bubble.

Saturday, June 4, at Chateauroux (Indre), bubbles are coming from everywhere. Some students from Saint-Joseph College in Plabennec (Finistère) raised him in their college. “It is a non-plant, non-fungal, non-animal organism.Maeliss, a student, describes these single-celled organisms, such as shade, humidity, and about twenty degrees. Want.

Individuals of all ages, all levels, and all areas: Everyone has their own bubble ready to watch how it develops in the classroom or at home. “It motivates them to do science, and for us it is our job, and we want to do it anyway“, Says Jean-Sebastien Robert, professor of SVT at Oise. So all two centimeter bubbles come together to form a record bubble.

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