Videos – CNDH launches activities of its position on SIEL under the theme “Expressions of Law”.

Videos - CNDH launches activities of its position on SIEL under the theme "Expressions of Law".

The National Human Rights Council (CNDH) is participating in the 27th edition of the International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL), organized in Rabat from June 2 to 12, under the theme “Expressions of Rights”.

During the launch of the stand’s activities, the Director of Human Rights Development at CNDH, Mr. Abdellatif Mounir declared: “This position is in the form of 200 m2 of open and enclosed space, which proposes a number of functions that focus on the key issues that are at the center of the Council’s argument.

The stand offers four daily rows in addition to “discussions and conversations”, “one day, one book”, “guest of the stand”, “art expressions”, and a morning session dedicated to children, he said in an exclusive statement.

+ “The weight of the words! »+

As part of its programming, the first discussion on the CNDH position in the 27th edition of SIEL was “Media treatment for migration – the weight of words!”.

In this case, the discussion of actors in the field of journalism, media and human rights, including; Hicham Houdaïfa, Journalist and General Secretary of the Moroccan Diaspora Press Network, Mahdad Raqas, Journalist and CNDH Member, and finally Sarah Mogader, Communications Officer at the UNHCR-Rabat Office.

Speakers led by Mustafa Larissa, a member of the CNDH and leader of the CRDH Marrakesh-Safi, discussed “the manner in which we name them, their representation, and what these categories may induce discrimination against immigrants. Prejudices and stereotypes.

“Developing the capacity of the press and media is a long-term job, but we are pleased to see the most promising and convincing results, as well as the positive evolution in media treatment of migration issues,” a statement said. Report by Sarah Moghedar.

+ “Foreigner in Morocco” +

Following a very rich discussion, Mohammed V-FSJES held an open session dedicated to the presentation of the book “Foreigners in Morocco – Rights and Practices” by Nadia Cruz, Professor of Political Science at the University of Octal.

The author declares that the purpose of his work is to “shed light on the legal practices of foreigners by analyzing the mechanisms of mobilization and mobilization of law emerging daily in the Moroccan context.”

Add to that: “Its purpose is to monitor the activities of actors who face or are confronted with questions about the law of foreigners in Morocco”.

SIEL will continue CNDH’s cultural and social activities in Rabat for the next ten days.

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