The French do not like mathematics

The French do not like mathematics



Education: The French do not like mathematics
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PY.Salick, J.Wild, J.Ricco, N.Fleury, L.Haedrich, D.Fossard, P.Wursthorn, C.Ricco – France 2

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The French acknowledge that they have difficulties with mathematics and do not like this subject. However, the calculations can be used in many fields and jobs of tomorrow.

Anger at mathematics for the French. “Mathematics was my weakest part”, Recognizes a woman. Many people think that mathematics is useless and get angry without understanding this matter. France is the country of mathematicians but The situation at school is normal. A teacher decides to rap math to get young people interested. “Understanding everything is not a magical solution, but it’s true that it can help some people.”Antoine Carrier, professor of mathematics at Dubati College in Blankford (Gironde), explains.

Some experts ask you to consider not only the results but also the path to get the answer. “Our communities are increasingly based on digital systems, so information technology plays a role. Who says IT is math?” According to Martin Andler, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Versailles (Yvelines).

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