UFC Fighter Body Pimplet feared for his life in the State of France: “People ran with knives like in the American Nightmare movie”

Le combattant UFC Paddy Pimblett a eu la peur de sa vie au Stade de France: "Des gens couraient partout avec des machettes, comme dans le film American Nightmare"

In a lengthy interview RMC Sports, The British fighter describes his May 28 evening, which turned out to be almost a tragedy. A Liverpool supporter, he was able to secure tickets for the final against Real Madrid. He is currently in shock. According to him, everything deteriorated completely, especially after the match.

“At least, in a cage, it’s one to one … When we left the field, groups of thirty people were running around,” he recalled. “Large packages. Some of them were carrying guns, knives, knives, iron rods, bats … You should try to leave the place. People were thrown to the ground, they looted watches and belongings. Some had bags. They tore them up. Pulling towards, they snatched the bag and ran to cut the bar.Before the game, I saw people tearing up their tickets.

“Thurman’s abomination and disgrace”

According to the 27-year-old athlete, the police have done little to stop this madness. Not back and forth. He condemns Gerald Dorman’s “lies.” The French interior minister has blamed Liverpool supporters for the attack. “This person should resign his post because he is disgusting and disrespectful,” Pimlet said.

One thing is for sure, the latter will never return to the State de France. “People are running there with knives! I’m going to say it over and over again for a few days: this is the only thing I can compare it to an American Nightmare movie. Did you see that movie? We have the right to do everything. Twelve hours? That’s how it felt. That’s my intention. No more laws, you You can do whatever you want. “

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