The longest bubble in the world is composed of satyrox

Together with the CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) they came from the Paris area, Toulouse, Savoy, Nantes, Finster and even Germany to integrate their cultured Fischer polycephalus.

Under the supervision of world expert Audrey Dussutour, students at Blaise-Pascal High School in Châteaurox cut samples approximately 1,000 by 5 cm by 5 cm from all over France and then placed them on a convex track on a tarpaulin.


After verification by bail, participants broke the record for the longest cell in the world, with the motor neuron of the blue whale so far 30 meters from the head of the cetacean to its tail. The “Floppers” also broke the record for the longest single-celled organism held by a ten-meter-long green algae collarpa.

“This record has the benefit of attracting a lot of attention to scientific research.

Under the leadership of the National Center for Space Research (CNES) and the CNRS, the “Élève ton blob” project, comprising nearly 5,000 companies from CE2 to the terminal, compared behavior. Bubbles in the earth With their spatial colleagues. Thousands of students across France, along with Thomas Baskett, slipped into the skin of a researcher to begin this unprecedented experiment created by one cell and many nuclei.

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