The Alps are green at high altitudes

The Alps are green at high altitudes

Decryption – 80% of the vegetation on the surface of alpine peaks has increased, while snowfall has decreased at higher elevations.

In the Alps, climate change is measured from space. Revealed by Swiss researchers who have analyzed satellite data with the highest resolution since 1984 In this Thursday’s issue Science Plant production has increased at an altitude of more than 80% above the surface of the mountain range. In other words, the Alps are greener, and this change has come “Absolutely large”Sabin Rump, a professor at Basel University and the first professor of research, commented.

“This greenery is characterized by the expansion of the forest towards height and the density of existing vegetation, which becomes shrub and tall.”, The method used – satellite measurement of chlorophyll levels in the light spectrum – the researcher notes that it is not possible to know exactly how these changes are reflected in the field. This phenomenon is the result of global warming, which doubles …

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