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Changes the podcast rule
Moussa Camara, Founder and Founding Chairman

Moussa Camara, Founder and Founding Chairman

Moussa Kamara fell insideEntrepreneurship When he was young. With a diploma in hand, he accidentally founded his company in telecommunications and information technology: “ To me, building a business was like building a 15-story building.

Business during the day and engagement at night

In parallel with his business, he started his association in his hometown of Sergey-Pontois: ” My driving force is never money, but collective success. When I started to succeed, I asked myself how I could contribute to others.

With the association of Akir for Ryuzir, Moussa Kamara had the desire to organize and carry the voice of the inhabitants of his district. Helping the orientation of the youth, the support of the families to relocate them, the mobilization of the citizens … His association is on all fronts, with the same will: ” Restore the positive image of the surroundings “.

American experience

Because of his dedication to the city, “ Stability [en lui] An appointment that took her to Washington for several months in the United States as part of a plan to run an American foundation. This “internship” Moussa Camara ” A room »:

I am a boy from Sergei who ends up in Washington in one of the most powerful places in America. I no longer see myself as a young man from the neighborhood, but as someone who has a plan and can talk to top people about what he is doing. ⁇

A decisive experience for Moussa Camara who wants to combine business and commitment, rather than “American-style benevolence”.

Once determined, the impact on the economy

After several tours between the United States and France, He founded The Determined In 2015. Betting? Priority support for men and women from neighboring and rural areas in setting up business in six months. Over the past seven years, the association has supported 700 people, 65% of whom are women, and 80% of companies have been in business for the past three years through Les Déterminés.

# Thanks to the Foundation Entrepreneurs who supported the Entrepreneurship, Customization and Standardization!

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