Weather warning: Heavy rain with thunder this Friday

Weather warning: Heavy rain with thunder this Friday

By Pascal SchwainerMeteorologist

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Friday, June 3 from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm on Friday, June 3.


Between this Friday and next Monday the barometric depression moves north of the Portuguese coast to the north of France. As it rises, two-thirds of the country is experiencing the hottest winds before the coldest Atlantic winds since Sunday. The presence of this air mass collision and low pressures creates a protracted and severe storm environment, triggering waves of many storms. These rise globally from southwest to northeast, but the uncertainties are about the areas located on the edge of this major axis. Thus, thunderstorms are likely on both sides, in the Midwest and towards the Alps.


Weak to moderate storm activity is developing from New Aquitaine to Massif Central.


Areas placed on yellow alert are best relied upon to experience strong thunderstorms during the day, from early morning in the southwest to late afternoon and evening in the east. Depending on the evolution of the latest forecasts, some sectors may be placed on the orange alert. It should also be noted that in the evening there will be thundershowers in other areas between Lower Normandy and Ile-de-France, especially in the alpine fields and in the northwest. But this evolution will be mentioned in our next update.

The most probable evolution is as follows:

Tonight, In the southwest, thunderstorms lashed the Basque country and Gironde. They may return to Sorrentes. These storms will remain localized, but may generate strong electrical activity and some hail.

– Friday morning: Early in the morning, thunderstorms lashed Aquitaine and Limousin. Some even erupted in the Midi-Pyrenees, but the evolution in this area is unbelievable. As the morning progressed, the thunderstorm in the atmosphere subsided and it quickly became hotter and heavier.

– Friday afternoon: It was a dull period in the southwest. But thunderstorms lashed the Middle-East between the Franz-Comte and the Alps. They should not be too strong at first.

– Friday afternoon: With heat and humidity, fresh thunderstorms will form in a matter of hours. They will be widespread, but they will get stronger as the hours go by. They mainly form in the southwest and northeast (Lorraine, Burgundy) from 5 pm. Other storms form in the Lower Normandy and Alps, outside the major storm axis. This growth will be monitored and more sectors are likely to be vigilant.

– Friday Night: The intensity of the storms ranges from southwest to limousine, Avergne and center and Burgundy from 6pm to 10pm. As mentioned earlier, strong thunderstorms are also expected in parts of the Lower Valley and Lower Normandy, perhaps as far west as Ile-de-France at 11 pm. This development will be followed.

This degeneration is characterized by:

– Timely strong thundershowers, winds (80 km / h locally) and hail, especially in the limousine and southwest of the hub.
– Sudden rainfall of up to 20 to 40 mm of water per hour, 50 mm of Aquitaine, limousine and 50 mm locally in North Auvergne. Such accumulations can cause flooding and temporary flooding.

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