The boss of Algeria Ferris has been fired by the Algerian president

The boss of Algeria Ferris has been fired by the Algerian president

# Algeria : President Abdelmadzit Debn fired on Thursday over consumer dissatisfaction in France over a malfunction in ticket sales by the employer of public transport company Algeri Ferris.

By the decision of the President of Algeria, The Minister of Transport today suspended the duties of Kamal Isad, CEO of the National Passenger Sea Transport Company and Kamal Italia, Station Manager at Algiers.The Algerian president said in a statement.

He justified these conclusions Their behavior damaging the image of Algeria and the interests of its citizens.

Since ticket bookings opened, dozens of people have camped daily in front of the Algeria Ferris Agency in Paris to travel to Algeria this summer.

The Algerian company offers a weekly ferry connection between Marseille and Algiers.

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The same thing happened again and again in many cities in France, where the largest Algerian community lives.

Since travel restrictions between Algeria and France were lifted due to the Covit-19 epidemic, hundreds of people of Algerian descent have come looking for tickets to spend the holidays or visit their families. In vain.

On social networks, many Internet users have complained about the operation of the Algeria Ferris booking site and the inability to purchase tickets to cross the summer, ensuring that all services are completed by September.

Also, even though air tickets between France and Algeria are very expensive in MacRae, flights are taken by storm during the summer.

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