Did the sun return this Thursday, June 2, 2022?

Did the sun return this Thursday, June 2, 2022?

After a big heat wave in recent weeks, we can say that the clouds are resting on us. However, they have brought some instability throughout France. Yesterday the weather was very gray. How will the weather change tomorrow Thursday June 2, 2022? From morning, a disturbance came in the northwest of the country, with high humidity. In addition, the Portuguese recession is approaching. On the other hand, around the east or around the Mediterranean, the weather will be mild, especially in Corsica where mercury will not show below 20 C. The largest variation with the northern part of the country is at least 6 degrees Celsius in Ardennes, 7 degrees in Lille, 11 degrees in Paris and Brest, and 14 degrees Celsius in Nantes and Borges. In the south of the country, the maximum temperature is 15 degrees Celsius in central France, 17 degrees Celsius in the Rhne Valley, 16 degrees Celsius in Bordeaux and 19 degrees Celsius in Montpellier.

The weather forecast announces a beautiful afternoon in 2/3 of the country

This Thursday afternoon, it will be sunny and hot all over France. However, the risk of thunderstorms is high in the center of the country and in the eastern part of the country. The wind will blow everywhere and it will rain in some places. On the Mercury side, with the exception of the English Channel, the trend is clearly hot. In fact, many of the clouds over Brittany and Normandy bring in cool air. Brest has a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, Cherbourg has a temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and Lille has a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. In the rest of the country the mercury will fluctuate between 24 and 33 degrees. He will score 25 at Nantes, 26 at Orleans, Strasbourg, La Rochelle and Nice. A little more stagnation in the Rhne Valley with temperatures of 30 C in Lyon and 33 in Montelimer. Toulouse will display 33 degrees and Marseille 29 degrees. So expect unstable and summer weather tomorrow.

In the evening, there will be separate thundershowers in the center of the country. However, the weather forecast forecasts clear skies and mild temperatures in other parts of France. The trend for Friday and the weekend is stormy. In fact, a major disturbance is coming from the Atlantic, which will occupy the entire country for several days. A tropical atmosphere rules between weight and humidity. There will be clouds until the beginning of next week and we will have to wait until Wednesday for the sun to return. In any case, we can say that our gardens are likely to be well watered in the coming days! It may be time to read that novel you have set aside or work on something around the house. In the meantime, don’t forget to celebrate Blandines tomorrow! Congratulations to the Nextplz team on having a good day. See you tomorrow for the new weather report!

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