Opening of the first Public-Private Partnership Forum in Congo-Pressaville – Agencies Africa

Ouverture au Congo-Brazzaville du premier Forum du partenariat public-privé

The Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, Colinet Anatoly Moghosso, inaugurated the first edition of the International Forum for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP Forum) on Monday, May 30, at the Kindle International Convention Center in the capital, Pressaville.

Launched by the Congolese Ministry of International Cooperation and Public-Private Partnerships, the event aims to strengthen foreign investment in the Congo to finance projects under the National Development Plan (PND) 2022-2026.

“The state is facing financial constraints,” the head of government acknowledged, adding that “it creates an essential link in the financing of public-private partnership programs.”

According to Collinet Makosso, “Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in the Congo.

For Minister of International Cooperation and Public-Private Partnerships Denis Crystal Sasso-Nusso, the forum aims to “accelerate the diversification of the economy”, which is one of the priorities of his father, President Denis Sasso-Nusso. The Eleventh Order won last year.

National and foreign economic operators are occasionally called upon to diversify their investments in the Congo, with an emphasis on agriculture in particular. The country has 10 million hectares of arable land, but only 4% is exploited.

PND 2022-2026, at a cost of 8,000 billion CFA francs ($ 13.1 billion), targets six key sectors, including agriculture, industrial development, special economic zones (SEZs), tourism, digital economy and real estate development. .

The PPP forum, which ends on Tuesday, brings together more than 300 people, including local and foreign investors. Other themes in the plan of this first forum are “Restarting Agriculture to Enhance Economic Growth”, “Mining as a Pillar of Growth”, “How to Make the Congo Goal Attractive?”

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