When Quebec enjoys its worst summer

When Quebec enjoys its worst summer

Monday, May 30, 2022 at 8:00 pm – Summer in Quebec is disappointing. Do you remember the worst of your life? Rejean Ouimet lists what can be described as implementable.

In short:

  • Summer can be estimated by two main criteria;
  • Heat and good weather;
  • Worst summer for a long time: 1992.

Disappointing summer

In fact, is summer in Quebec disappointing? One first factor comes to mind: rain. Then the cold weather. Unfortunately, these two elements often combine when the season leaves something to be desired. When this happens, great disappointment. Expectations fully justify the fact that this period lasts only three months.

Bad summer VAL-D-OR

“To know the yield of summer, we estimate different factors. These are heat and good weather or rain. Meteorologist Regin Oymet estimates. A good way to estimate summer yield is to take the number of days suitable for swimming and the number of days marked by rain.”

The worst summer in history

Quebec stands alone in 1992, one of the most disgusting summers ever known. No heat, lots of rain: especially disappointing season. Adults will no doubt remember an event that took place in 1991. Experts say this is the reason why this glorious season is being forgotten.

Bad summer MTL

“The winner of the failed summers was launched in 1992, so that a veil formed between the sun and the earth’s surface, causing a summer below 2 degrees Celsius below average. Temperatures never reached the mark. Only once in three summer months!”

That year, on the Caspian side, it was summer with only 10 days hot enough for swimming.

Worst summer Cosby

Even worse for the capital

Quebec experienced a bad summer in 1992. However, an unusual fact: a heat wave occurred in May. Urgently, this series had no impact throughout the season, which turned out to be a real failure.

“The situation in Quebec was even more painful,” said Regine O’Malley.

Worst summer in Quebec

In collaboration with Rejean Ouimet, Meteorologist.

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