The missing puzzle of the shark disappearing with Magellan

The missing puzzle of the shark disappearing with Magellan

Decryption – The giant teeth of this carnivore, the most populous on the planet, are at the center of research conducted by scientists to understand its extinction.

Othodos McLaughlin It is one of the largest populated carnivores on our planet, but like other animals of its size, Dinosaur Rex, Which is now only found in blockbuster films or comic strips. Fiction is like comics Carthage Or movie In turbulent water To maintain the myth of specimens of megalodons still living in remote areas of the oceans, scientists acknowledge the fact that this giant shark disappeared 2.5 million years ago. However, the reasons for this sudden disappearance are still being debated. Works published in the magazine Tuesday, May 31st Nature Communications An international research team has come up with new clues to shed light on the mystery of the extinction of this “giant-toothed” shark.

These teeth, which rarely fit in some human hand, are at the center of research by Jeremy McCormack

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