No, SFR does not control its standard internet, which is a scam

A lot of ink flowed yesterday again into a scam that was carried out to snatch the identity of the SFR. Containing everything sometimes from official news, but another opportunity to be extremely cautious in the face of non-communications.

Yesterday, the misconduct of the SFR Box 8X Fiber customer made a noise on Twitter. Said a specific @Hamster_I On May 29, 2022, in support of the screenshot, it received an SMS from its operator, SFR, stating that its offer would have a fixed internet speed. “Reduced beyond 3 TB to 10 MBPS for the first day of next month”. An explanation was given prior to this message: “We find that your home internet is abnormally used, which can degrade our network and harm SFR subscribers in your area. Conditions of your offer stipulate that you must not misuse your services … ”

Before publishing the case and tapping the SFR’s fingers, some business practices had already received him several reprimands (read Here And The), We have sought to find references to these limitations and restrictions in the general terms of SFR’s fiber concessions. Fraud or misuse can disrupt the availability of the service and read as SFR. “Has the right to restrict access to all or part of the subscription services”. Is it like this here? To find out, we contacted the service provider’s news department.

He sent us two replies within a few hours of denying such practices. Last night, so we were confused: Did SFR send the wrong SMS alert to one of its large bandwidth customers? Although the message in question appears to have been sent by SFR, is this a scam?

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Judgment came in the evening: it was indeed a fraudulent attempt. The SFR was the one who stole its identity and was not the first SMS sender, nor the second to firmly reveal the pot of roses. Abnormal use of the standard internet connection has been spotted again and access is now restricted. The subscriber is asked to dial a number on 08 and follow up “The reset process [pour] Find the optimal flow “. Payment number is 80 Euro cents per minute. The questionable number, according to technology journalist Romain Haylard, who closely followed the case on his Twitter account “Anti-Card Service”And in fact the billing per victim is limited to 80 coins.

So SFR does not lie in its customer service Responded to the original tweet From Hamster_I, claiming it is spam. “The official communications of our services are from 1023. Please do not consider this SMS and do not click on a possible link.”, Added the operator. This is an opportunity to invite you to be on the lookout for communications from banking companies, payment services, insurance companies, operators and other websites whose techniques are increasingly sophisticated and the news sometimes appears to be true.

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