Personal data of MGM customers published in Telegram

Personal data of MGM customers published in Telegram

In 2020, the US company MGM Hotels & Resorts confirmed the data breach. The database of nearly 142 million records owned by the group’s customers was later put up for sale on the Dark Web. In Telegram, the same file has reappeared for free download.

Nearly 30 million people have been affected

The MGM team’s data breach case was already causing a stir at the time. The cyber attack sparked controversy. Effect, The company confirms the data breach in February 2020 for an event that took place in the summer of 2019.

Customers and Internet security experts Complained of a lack of transparency. The reason for the data breach is a Unauthorized access to one of the group’s cloud servers Hospitality and entertainment. The information then indicates that the violation is relevant DataViper Violation Tracking Site Hack.

MGM at the time revealed that nearly 10.6 million customers may have been affected by this data breach. Since then, a 142 million record file owned by the group’s customers has been put up for sale on the Dark Web. According to researchers at vpnMentor, a VPN provider, At least 30 million victims.

Exposed data over 8GB

If the file, which was released on Telecom, is actually linked to the 2019 MGM data theft, researchers believe, it could include the following: Information about some celebrities. At the time, investigators mentioned the names of Jack Dorsey (co-founder of Twitter) and Justin Bieber (singer).

In 2020, the file as a whole 8.7GB of data offered for under $ 3,000 on various Dark Web forums. But recently, the database became available Free download on Telegram.

MGM states that the file contains only basic information such as name, surname, date of birth and phone number. However, researchers point out that DataViper’s database is very comprehensive, including usernames and passwords. Information that can be used by malicious actors Carry out Certification Dump Attacks.

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