Gossip | Indiana Jones (probably) may not be exclusively Microsoft


Developed by MachineGames in association with Lucasfilm Games, new information reveals that this game is not exclusive to Microsoft.

Indiana Jones game though Announced a year ago, No additional information on the topic has been released. However, today we discovered that this game is (probably) not exclusive to Microsoft. In fact, following the acquisition of MachineGames Studio – known for the Wolfenstein license – Bethesda and Microsoft, the game Indiana Jones may have been released to various media outlets, while it became clear that the title was Xbox. And PC exclusive. In fact, Windows Central reporter Jess Gordon spoke on the subject during an episode Xbox to Podcast. In it, he says he heard from his sources that the Indiana Jones game would not be exclusive to Microsoft..

The only information I have on this game is that it is not exclusive to Microsoft. But that was a long time ago, and things may have changed after that.

If Jez Corden insists that things have changed, the US company has already announced that despite the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard, the Call of Duty license will not be exclusive. So, we can easily imagine that the company has decided to continue releasing some of its games on other platforms. Unfortunately, we do not know much at this time, but new information may come out during the summer conferences.

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