As the network of free stores continues to grow, Orange works the opposite way

As the network of free stores continues to grow, Orange works the opposite way

As the network of free stores continues to grow, Orange works the opposite way

In 2021 Orange reduced its store base by 10%. The current operator now has 323, and explains why.

As a very symbol, Orange in Champs Elysées closed recently after its first seven years of life, saying a lot about its strategy and the impact of the epidemic. Declining attendance is pushing the current operator to close stores in France. By 2021, not less than 38 closures, or 10% of the park, will be reduced to 323 “distribution agencies”. The increase is 15%, given the number of stores converted to General Telephone (GDT), a subsidiary of Orange. The world.

In this cut, the operator gives some descriptive elements: “A network must constantly change consumption patterns, which is why we carry out about thirty operations, transfers, updates or closures each year., Comments Director of Stores and Customer Services in Frédéric Le Mounier, Orange France. In his view, there is no question of favoring suburban shopping centers at the expense of city centers for profit. “Half of our sales points are still in the city center”He continues, estimating that today almost 87% of people are less than thirty minutes away from an orange shop.

If the restructuring of its distribution network began before the health crisis, it would have exacerbated the decline in former France Telecom’s expected attendance.Govt has shaken up these predictions by saving five years on our traffic forecasts.. Orange assures us that today we need to focus on new communication methods, rather than reducing the number of stores. In 2021, 38% of business transactions were done in stores, up from 50% in 2019.

However, the current operator still seems to be aiming to get as close as possible to its subscribers by working for digital admission in rural areas. Small shops. These facilities are designed as reception areas dedicated to digital access, with the aim of using more than five numbers last December. The historical operator also released a short video report dedicated to these new local communication channels.

Free whip to get the complete distribution network

Starting in 2011 was very slow, freezing to have 200 stores next year despite stagnant for many years. In November 2020, the operator opened its 100th free center for a total of 170.

Like the orange, the free is also covered Its flagship in July 2021 It maintains stores within its head office, but everywhere else in France, targeting medium-sized cities and mostly shopping centers, and elsewhere in the capital. Today, the operator still has the thinnest distribution network compared to the competition. SFR is today the operator with 600 stores in France. Includes 300 stores from Coriolis purchased in September 2021. Bouygues Telecom today has about 500 stores.

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