Ukraine crisis shatters Morocco’s calculations –

Ukraine crisis shatters Morocco's calculations -

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The Ukraine crisis has distorted Morocco’s calculations on the Western Sahara issue, especially in the wake of the West’s growing interest in focusing its full attention on Ukraine, thanks to a contribution to “The Strategic Culture Foundation” by British journalist Martin J. Think. In this sense, the United States can do nothing to help Morocco in its search for maximum support for its colonial thesis.

The journalist writes that the conflict in Ukraine “has re-raised the question of ‘not’ colonialism ‘that has sunk into the United Nations”: “The more money the West pours into Ukraine (…) the more the UN and its member states support this trend. The author of the article believes that neither US President Joe Biden nor his Secretary of State Anthony Blinkano can do anything to support Morocco, which expects former US President Donald Trump to return to power in 2024. ” (Expressed his support for the Moroccan proposal for granting pseudo-autonomy to the Western Sahara against naturalization with the Zionist system). ” And the royal house’s “biggest wish”.

Martin Jay confirms that the current White House tenant “always opposed Trump’s decision on Western Sahara”, “sees himself limited in rectifying this situation”, and that Biden’s political views are “contrary to the notion of a nation colonial.” The other ”and integrates itself with the resolutions of the United Nations, which provide a democratic solution that provides for the self-determination vote of the Sahrawi people.

Journalist Martin J is a correspondent for The Daily Mail (UK) and has worked for several international media outlets on issues in the Middle East, Africa and Europe.


Foreign delegates are engaged in spreading the message of the Sahara people
Participants in the International Conference on Solidarity with Sahrawi Youth, representing foreign organizations, took to the Boudjedour (Sahrawi Refugee Camp) on Sunday to spread the message of the Sahrawi people and express their grief in international forums. Organized on the sidelines of UJSARIO’s 10th conference, the conference was attended by nearly 150 foreign participants and was used by delegates to condemn and condemn the “blatant violations” committed against insecure Sahrawis citizens in areas occupied by the Moroccan colonies. Forces.

Salah Thouabta, a representative of the Palestinian delegation, who was approached by the APS on the sidelines of the conference, on behalf of the Kaza Strip delegation expressed his “unconditional and absolute solidarity” with the Sahrawi people and their struggle for freedom and independence. He confirmed that he was “in solidarity with the Sahrawi militants in the territories occupied by Morocco, who are subject to various operations, violations and arbitrary arrests by Moroccan colonial forces”.

“We firmly believe in the just struggle of the Sahrawi people and one day the Sahrawi people will be deprived of their freedom and independence from their lands,” the Palestinian representative said before calling on the international community. The Moroccan authorities must be held accountable for the crimes committed against the Saharavi citizens who have the necessary protection and insecurity of the Sahara people living on their lands occupied by Morocco. Adrian Conion, a representative of the Spanish Labor Commission, for his part, called for an “immediate end to colonialism” and “accepted full responsibility to the international community for the continuing suffering of the Sahara people.” “It is our duty today to drive the Moroccan colonies out of the Sahrawi lands by uniting the views of the various parties in solidarity with the Sahrawis and by believing in the justice of their cause,” he said. Conion rated. “The official Spanish position does not in any way affect the position of the Spanish people on the issue of the Sahara.

Robin Janov, Argentina’s spokesman for the Socialist and Liberation Movement, expressed his support for the Sahara, and said that “like all other peoples of the world, they deserve a dignified life. In freedom and liberty”. Mr. Janov, in this way, reiterated his commitment to continue to fight with the Sahara people, to make his voice widely heard, to put pressure on the Moroccan government and to restore the deprived rights of the Sahara people. Launched within the framework of the 10th Congress of the Seguia El Hamra and Rio de Oro (UJSARIO) Youth Association, the conference was attended by delegates from various countries, including Spain, Germany, Canada and the United States. ), Sweden, Ghana, Yemen and Palestine.

These communications focused on international solidarity with the Sahara people and their condemnation of human rights abuses in the occupied Sahara.

The work of Congress continues for the third day with the constitution of the General Secretary and a commission responsible for overseeing the election activities of the executive office of UJSARIO. Congress.

About 500 delegates representing the various members of the UJSARIO, with the exception of about 150 guests, are participating in the Congress, baptized in the name of Sahitya Othmane Ali Brahim and placed under the banner of “mobilizing power and knowing the victory of the decisive struggle”., May 29, 2022

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