This Friday morning reunion is the evening star visible above the moon in the sky

This Friday morning reunion is the evening star visible above the moon in the sky

At 4:50 a.m. this Friday 27th, the crescent moon passed in front of the bright planet Venus. An exceptional moment is visible from the reunion.

The evening star disappeared behind the moon on Friday morning. Then it appeared above the moon.

An exceptional moment

It happened on Friday 27 May at about 4:50 am and lasted less than an hour. A true lighthouse that surpasses the brightness of the stars will reappear to tell the shepherds of Earth’s sister planet that dawn has already come.

Business leader Quentin Gineys, who is interested in planetary photography, is getting ready for this celestial encounter that he wants to immortalize with his most beautiful shot this Friday, May 27th. His photos are available on his Instagram profile: quentin_gineys.

According to Quentin Gineys, this rare and spectacular phenomenon is best seen in the eastern part of the island:

“The event will start at an altitude of 10 degrees in the east. Venus disappears from the thin lunar crescent and emerges from the moon’s dark side. “He explains.

The event is also available in Mauritius, Rodriguez and southern Madagascar, according to AAR, the founding association of Max Labs, on its Facebook page.

Along with the other Mascarene Islands and Madagascar, the Reunion is located in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, and the event is visible on the morning of May 27th. Elsewhere on Earth, the Moon will pass over the planet.

Mathew Padau-Parvedi

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