News Ethereum: Another Delay in Switching to Stock Certification?

Ethereum proof of stake

As we all know, this is a special year ethereum blockchainIn fact, Vitalik Buterin has announced that it will move to the blockchain source by mid-2022. But in general, in the world of technology, there are often differences between published announcements and what is actually happening, even a large gap.

We are accustomed to falling behind in the promises made by the Ethereum blockchain team, but we are getting closer than ever to the major turning point awaiting them. This is great news for all users of this blockchain because, in fact, The The costs are often quite expensiveEspecially for individuals who transact on a small scale.

Despite the fact that we are approaching the deadline and shifting from work source to stock certification, some issues persist and there is still work to be done before then. To merge.

What really happened on the Beacon Channel?

The Lighthouse chainWho are going Introduce the source for the stock At Ethereum, Volume 7 underwent a restructuring yesterday.

Yesterday, 7 volumes ranging from 3,887,075 to 3,887,081 were burned from the beacon chain, according to data Beacon scan. According to DeFi Gnosis’s CEO, the restructuring is too long.

The Ethereum Beacon Chain experienced a 7-block deep restructuring 2.5 hours ago. This shows that the current certification technique for nodes needs to be revisited. (Proposals already exist)

Martin Koppelman Argued that this proves that Node Certification Policy It may perhaps be reconsidered to form a stable chain. This means that there is Still work to do Before the merger is scheduled to take place in 2022.

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We will follow this development closely and keep you informed of various developments.

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