Why do we feel sadder than happy?

Why do we feel sadder than happy?

A memory Breakdown Especially painful love seems so different to you than the pure moment Happiness Equal intensity? Don’t panic, many people actually have a greater desire to feel those moments Tragedy Stronger than happiness. In PsychologyThis event has a name: Negative bias.

Sub I wanted to know a little more about this phenomenon, so I went to ask a question to Murray Potter, a therapist and psychiatrist who specializes in medicine. Psychology, I.e. the study of physical disorders caused by mental factors. Although she reminds us that it is important not to make generalizations, she agrees “Noted that many people feel harder emotions more strongly than positive emotions.”

Questioned? From a glance SocialWe generally try to avoid negativity at all costs. “Sadness and pain threaten us more than good feelings”, The therapist explains. And from “Happiness is less likely to cause danger”We understand it in a passive way, so in a less memorable way.

Instead, we need to actively overcome emotions such as sadness. “But if we do not manage them, they will be with us and their effects will be seen in us BodyCoach comment.

Body and mind

According to the expert, it is very difficult for some people to digest emotions like sadness, grief or anxiety. Psychological disorders can only function in these moments. Broken heart syndrome. It can cause severe pain in the chest, “It can be triggered by severe depression or suffering.”

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Suppressed difficult emotions, according to the expert, “Keep overflowing” Deep within us. Mareile Poettering, of course, invites us to accept them, of course “Hard feelings are essential in life […] Without them, we would not be able to feel beautiful emotions. However, keep in mind that no one is bound by the impossible and we are not all in the same boat when it comes to mental health.

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