The new Nano automatic radar is powerful against crackers

The new Nano automatic radar is powerful against crackers

Automated radars on the side of the road can do much more to track unsuspecting drivers. Manufacturer Parifex’s new Nano model has received its approval.

Motorists should be extra careful: radar Nano, Developed by the manufacturer Parifex, which is in the testing phase in Doubs before being used elsewhere in France. This automatic speed camera is not like the others. It incorporates well-known technology in electric cars with lidar, auto-driving assist systems, but also in the most advanced iPhones and iPods and robot vacuum cleaners.

Technology in Road Safety Service

This lidar allows the nano to accurately measure the speed of a vehicle, which can be modeled on cars coming over a hundred meters. The advancement of vehicles makes it possible to calculate the speed of each of them, taking into account the positions of different cars on the road. The measurement range is 30 to 250 km / h, and the radar has a measurement frequency of more than one vehicle per second. In other words, the box creates a very efficient virtual control zone.

But that’s not all. This scanning laser detection technology can also determine if a vehicle is crossing the red light line. The safety distance between the two cars can also be tracked by radar, of course if allowed. The Nano can detect whether a driver is activating a stop sign or crossing white lines.

Simply put, Parifex Radar has everything it takes to become a driver’s dream! Authorities plan to install it, especially in areas where such breakage is high. This Armada will complete the fleet of conventional radars, which should be strong with 4,700 operational units by the end of the year. Only Italy and the United Kingdom have more radars than France.

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