Look at the picture of the moon disappearing 100 million km from the earth


These picturesMay 15-16 Full lunar eclipse The last are very interesting: taken in space by exploration LucyThey show us (accelerated), and disappear, in an unprecedented way நிலா In total time. What is really impressive and unusual is that we can appreciate both the Earth and the Moon during the event, which will gradually die out. This is unheard of from this angle!

A Lunar eclipse The latter occurs when aligned with the earth The sunAs we see in these pictures (looks like illustrated thumbnails in textbooks or books, except these photos are real and the sun is out of sight!), And our natural satellite then passes Cone The shadow of our planet. The moon is gradually getting darker. Space exploration is an amazing view of the Earth that can be seen from a distance of 100 million kilometers! But only in part, SwRI (Southwest Research Institute) Who designed the study because the operators, who are currently busy measuring its equipment, did not want the ship to risk overheating and used a high camera. Resolution Larry only for half an eclipse.

Part of the Earth on October 21, 2021, Lucy Traveling towards the present Trojan asteroids. But first, he has to come see us again on October 16thGravity help This will accelerate the journey to more than 500 million kilometers.

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