Hurricane Season: Not two without three

Hurricane Season: Not two without three

Tuesday, May 24, 2022 at 7:00 pm – Hurricane forecasts for the current year are well underway. This time, NOAA experts are speaking out.

In short:

  • The 2022 season promises to be even more active in the Atlantic;
  • Many favorable factors for the formation of a hurricane;
  • The third year in a row is more than normal.

Active season

Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st and it promises to be very active. In fact, according to US NOAA forecasts, it will be more favorable for the formation of tropical storms than average. If this environment prevails, the Atlantic Ocean will experience a large number of storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes for the third year in a row.

Hurricane Forecast 2022

Positive factors

There are many factors that contribute to the formation of a hurricane. The La Nina event is feeling its effects for the third consecutive season in the Pacific. The unusually cold water in this ocean, in particular, differs from the warmer Atlantic bed, which signifies good energy for burning hurricanes. In addition, the very intense African monsoon and weak winds are favorable for the emergence of disturbances at sea.

Active season factors

Fertile years

In the years of tropical storms in the Atlantic, there are the last two. Named for at least 30 hurricanes in 2020. 2005 was very active, especially with the $ 80 billion damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. That same year, Rita reached Type 5 in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2021, Hurricane Larry, Type 3 hurricane hit the Newfoundland region. Before Larry, Juan landed in Canada in 2004.

Keep in mind that Quebec is rarely directly affected by a hurricane. However, the Maritime and Magdalen Islands are endangered.

Hurricane logs

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