Democrats are asking Google to protect the data of women who want to have an abortion

Democrats are asking Google to protect the data of women who want to have an abortion

“In a world where abortion is considered illegal, we’re concerned about Google’s software […] It is becoming a tool for right-wing extremists who want to suppress people seeking reproductive health, ”42 elected officials wrote in an open letter to Google executive Sundar Pichai.

“Because Google holds information about the geographical location of hundreds of millions of smartphone users, it continues to share it with government agencies,” continued political figures, led by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and California Representative Anna Esu. The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing to rule that the right to abortion is not protected by the US Constitution, according to a draft ruling by Politico in early May.

Do not retain data

If this draft ruling is accepted, every American state will be free to prohibit or recognize abortions, while the historic decision is “Roe V. Wade of 1973 ”forced them to voluntarily legalize pregnancy (abortion).

Elected Democrats argue that “Google was proud to be one of the first companies in the United States to insist on obtaining a warrant before disclosing geolocation data to law enforcement.” They argue that if abortion is illegal, anti-abortion lawyers can obtain the necessary warrants.

“The only way to protect your customers’ location data from such shocking government surveillance is not to keep it,” they argue. The Internet giant did not respond immediately.

“Great setback for women”

YouTube executive Susan Wozniacki on Tuesday morning ruled that the Supreme Court’s proposed ruling was “a big step back for women” but also a challenge to the YouTube video platform. California Group.

He explained that the new law could affect decisions about which ads to accept or not and introduce new misinformation risks. “We run a business centered on free speech and we want to ensure that […] Everyone can express their opinion as long as they respect our rules, ”he told a conference in Davos.

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