Lucent Mosque, “Symbol of Successful Secularism”

The complex, which housed only about forty worshipers, led to a 270 m² mosque with a capacity of about 600 worshipers. The shrine is said to be located in the city center, 200 meters from the town hall SaphirNews. 1.5 million euros was raised for its construction. “This mosque fits neatly and soberly in the heart of our city, where a stone is thrown from the church. As a full sign of successful secularism, the mayor (PS) congratulated Michael Bison on attending the opening ceremony of the shrine on Saturday, regardless of differences. I love this sacred place where greatness, virtue, generosity and generosity speak volumes about the great poet al-Kansa.

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Olivier Faure, the first secretary of the PS and co-founder of Seine-et-Marne, said on his social media network: He congratulated Aziz Nakil-led AML on the success of the project.

Ahead of its opening ceremony, Lucent’s new mosque opened its doors to worshipers shortly before the start of the month of Ramadan.

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