Cryptocurrency Games: Entertainment Where You Can Earn

During difficult life periods and lack of money or food, society has always been divided into two groups: some cried about misfortunes and waited for something to get better, while others independently looked for ways to earn money. Nowadays, when technology is developing rapidly, the Internet offers users many methods to make a fortune and start living a full life.

Many people know that there are gaming resources on the network that offer clients the opportunity to combine the extraction of funds with a pleasant pastime. And, by the way, there are also such games for fans of cryptocurrencies, the so-called Bitcoin games. On the Internet, you can find a variety of types of crypto entertainment: there are gambling games (Bitcoin Dice is the most popular of them), fighters, simulators (with multiverse and interesting characters), and so on.

How to Make Money on Crypto Games?

Playing these games, you can earn cryptocurrency (Bitcoin dice, EOS dice, Ethereum (ETH) dice, BTG dice, etc.), and then can sell it on the stock exchange for real money! The other way is to get valuable items and sell them to another player for cryptocurrency on the corresponding sites where items from different crypto games are posted.

You can earn money on games as follows:

  • PvP rewards;
  • reward for PvE;
  • in-game trading;
  • tournaments;
  • resource extraction;
  • viewing ads;
  • creating content for the game.

The most important advantage of crypto games is that the items you bought are stored in a wallet and belong only to you — this is your official property.

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Ways to Earn Money

A user increases income by playing blockchain entertainment in several ways: from farming and staking to selling game items and characters. Let’s list the main ways to earn money on decentralized games:

  • sale of NFT;
  • farming and staking;
  • participation in competitions.

Below, each of the methods is described in more detail.

NTF’s Sale

Each character or item in the game can act as a non-interchangeable token (ERC-721 or BEP-721). You can buy a basic character, develop its skills, and then sell it on the marketplace and make a profit. The higher the level of the character, the greater its value, so its cost will be higher.

Farming and Staking

Some decentralized platforms allow not only to own NFT tokens but also to stake them, receiving additional income.


In some P2E games, tournaments are held among gamers, taking part in which everyone can receive tokens if the player gets into the list of winners. This is a difficult way, which often requires not only a lot of free time but also large investments, without which it’ll be extremely difficult to get into the list of winners.

Prospects of Blockchain Games in the Future

Summing up, it’s worth saying that crypto games provide an attractive opportunity for the practical use of NFT — they allow players to be the true owners of in-game items and, through an established and decentralized system of the in-game economy, earn a living by playing their favorite games.

Blockchain and the underlying technologies allow game developers to offer users a secure way to confirm ownership rights and make transactions with each other. Blockchain technology also provides freedom of pricing and exchange, including gaming materials and currency.

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