NFL à la TV Sur quelles chaînes suivre les matchs de la saison 2021 2022

Which channels should watch the matches of NFL: 2021/2022 season on TV?

NFL Back on Sports for Season 10

The NFL is back in sports for the 10th consecutive season from Thursday 09th to Friday 10th September Exclusive to 3 posters and NFL Redzone Multiplex live every week!

Throughout the season, fans can enjoy the best American football. On the show: 3 live matches each week with Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night footballWithout forgetting NFL RedZone Multiplex All matches can be watched live on beIN SPORTS only from 7pm on Sunday.

At the end of the season, subscribers can follow The finals of the conference to be held in Los Angeles on February 13, 2022 and the inevitable Super Bowl.

Live on the first day of the 2021/2022 NFL season:
Dallas @ TAMPA BAY from 9pm to 10/09 at 02:15 at Game 1
NFL Red Zone NFL Multiplex Sunday 12/09 at 7pm on Sports Max 4
Chicago @ Los Angeles Sept. 12 through 13 at 2:15 pm at Game 1
Baltimore @ Las Vegas 09/13 at 2pm 10:10 pm at Bean Sports 1

The NFL team should clearly follow the channel

On Sunday, September 12, at 7:00 pm, the American Football Championship returns with L’Équipe. A regular season game on the weekends until the playoffs and the legendary Super Bowl.

Are very popular in American sports and its stars are back in L’Équipe. After the success of the regular season on the L’Équipe platform, the play-offs and Super Bowl on the L’Équipe channel, which attracted 400,000 viewers, The NFL returns to L’Équipe every Sunday with a meeting.

We will meet on September 12 from 7:00 pm to enjoy the first day of the regular season live. In the show, bBuffalo Ills and Pittsburgh Steelers. Reviewed Peter Anderson, True expert in American sports with new advisor Sebastian SejinFormer St. Louis Rams player.

The first two days of the regular season will be live on the L’Équipe platform, the new L’Équipe Live Universe, and the third day exclusively on the L’Équipe channel.

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