The best feature of these headphones is that the noise may not be canceled out

The best feature of these headphones is that the noise may not be canceled out

Google’s Pixel Butts Pro is the brand’s first wireless headphones scheduled for the end of July to actively reduce noise. But this addition alone will not be a significant new feature in Google’s future premium headphones.

Google Pixel Butts Pro feature active noise cancellation
Google Pixel Butts Pro has active noise reduction // Source: Google

Google This year Google has given us a good version of its I / O with many announcements on the hardware page. In particular, we had the right to update them Wireless headphones Pixel Butts with the new premium offer Pixel Butts Pro.

One of the unique features of Google’s Pixel Butts range is the quality of the touch controls provided by the headphones. This new version finally brings the expected active noise reduction this year, with an estimated 11 hours of autonomy (with ANC disabled) according to the brand. But what makes these headphones really special is the withdrawal of gesture controls on both headphones. Android Police.

Better access to control commands

It is not uncommon today for headphones to lack the same controls on the right and left earbuds. For example, on Sony WF-1000XM4, You can choose which restrictions you have and which page you have, but it is not possible to have 2 out of 3 controls on the same page. So if you have volume and background control on the one hand, you can not switch between different noise cancellation modes on the same page at the same time.

If for some reason, you pick up your hand on your cell phone, or just want to use a single earphone to monitor your environment, this situation can become a bit embarrassing. .

Are you getting back what Pixel Butts 2 provided?

Pixel Butts a

The control possibilities are somewhat reduced, and Google can (confidently) return to this model, with complete touch controls on every earphone. It is worth noting that future touch buyers of the Pixel Buds Pro will no longer have accessibility issues with the controls on their headphones.

Touch controls need a little more precision to provide a complete reliable experience. But the fact that Google will again be able to offer consistent comprehensive controls on every Pixel Butts Pro undeniably raises the ladder of interest in these future headphones.

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