How to easily transfer a large file from a smartphone

How to easily transfer a large file from a smartphone

Sharing the latest photos or videos of your vacation with your loved ones can be complicated for you and the people who want to send you these difficult files.

instead Save your documents It should be carefully stored on a hard disk or USB key, no doubt the simplest solution is to send your large files through an online service or dedicated application.

Want to save more space on your mobile? There are many solutions to this problem. Dumping your biggest files is one thing. There are some useful apps that can help you send your large files from your iOS or Android device. In this article, We offer you 3 solutions to easily transfer heavy files from smartphone.

Google Drive

Desktop version Gmail It has the integration feature Google DriveIt is capable of sending files up to 10 GB through your cloud account.

Alas, the Android version does not have this feature like the iOS version. However, you can upload a large file to your Google Drive account and share it with other recipients.

To upload a file to your Drive account, select the file manager, click “Partition – Google Drive” and select the location where you want to save it.

Description Google Drive
Google Drive. // Source: Google


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WeTransfer // Source: Homepage

There is one Android version From WeTransfer, but if you want to save disk space you can use the browser version with your smartphone. The site is available in 8 languages ​​and opens automatically in the user’s language. This feature is interesting when sending files to partners overseas. The only drawback: the submission is incorrect as the entire page is full of ads.

Relocation It is now one of the best free solutions to our large file sending problems. Its simplicity and speed of use are the attributes that top our list. Thanks to WeTransfer, you can send a file or a set of 2GB files in total.

Its use is very simple because all you have to do is go to the main page of the site and add or drop the documents as they are (no need to compress or modify them). All you need is an email address to receive delivery and download confirmations. There may be up to 20 recipients. You will then receive an email with a download link valid for 7 days.


Smash // Source: Homepage

Smash Is a French service in Lyon. To change your files, all you have to do is drag what you want to send to the smash homepage and fill in the recipient’s email address, and you’re done.

This tool allows you to share your files for free without any size restrictions. This can be done by email or via a link (even in the slack for businesses).

However, the transfer speed of files larger than 2GB will be reduced. To fix this you need to use the Pro version which is billed at 5 € / month (which is still profitable). Depending on the availability of the files, the free version can take up to 14 days and the paid version can take up to 365 days.

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