Clouds, local rain with thunderstorms and thunderstorms!

Clouds, local rain with thunderstorms and thunderstorms!

The weather is expected to change significantly in the next 24 hours. We are currently under the influence of a small cold spell on Portugal, which is raising a massive counter-hurricane from North Africa to France, with unusually hot south leaps, as several monthly heat record declines in these last days. Tomorrow, Monday, we will see the formation of a low pressure zone near the Atlantic.

This low pressure area, extended in a “V” shape, reaches France between Monday evening and Tuesday / Wednesday, bringing clouds, thunderstorms, rain and above all a general drop in temperature. The Mediterranean region will be somewhat affected by rainfall and storms, but there will be significant differences from one sector to another. Here are your latest updated forecasts. First, take a quick look at the expected synoptic atmosphere between Monday and Tuesday:

Tomorrow Monday morning we will experience this change in the weather with more mixed / cloudy skies over the previous days over Roussillon and Languedoc. Some localized rainfall is possible, but accumulations are a phenomenon. The sun is expected for a few hours during the day, before the return of more clouds the next evening / night. The feeling is high, but the chances of rain coming on the first day of the week are low.

We see the formation of storm surges in the relief areas of Cévennes / Lozère. Haut-Gard, as well as an overflow near the Pyrenees. At maximum temperatures, the decline begins! The Tromantana Herald rises to POs, with a maximum temperature of 26/28 C in the plains. Sea breeze blowing in the Eastern Herald and Gard, rising to 25/27 degrees Celsius. On Tuesday, the weather will be clear with mixed / cloudy weather everywhere in our region. Inland thunderstorms are also expected in some places.

This rain is about the coast and our plains or inland. They are usually mild, 2 to 5 mm / 24 h, and sometimes accumulate up to 10 mm in the event of well-structured storms. Some areas may be on the verge of rain-storm action. Conversely, the Byronian foothills may accumulate more than 20 mm. A sharp drop in temperature will struggle to reach a maximum of 20 C in Roussillon and 22/23 C in Languedoc. May be 24 C on card (Nîmes).

Wednesday, still mixed / cloudy weather but most rainfall is expected across the Mediterranean. Compared to 20 to 24 degrees Celsius in the plains, the temperature is still “cooler” depending on cloudy periods or clouds, all of which are associated with Mistral and Tramonton. Good weather will return later in the weekend. Here is the CEP type of rainfall for Tuesday / Wednesday:

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