Psychology. How to recognize high intellectual ability?

People with HPI are often classified as gifted based on their high IQ. In France, they represent about 2.3% of the population. But the level of their intelligence is not everything: these people have different thinking with more active brains. Recently, the term was highlighted by the TF1 series of the same name. But what is “HPI”?

Distinctive symptoms of HPI

Audrey Bidet, a medical psychologist at Moèrans (Isère), believes that having more intellectual potential is “cultivating another form of intelligence.” This intelligence is characterized by various features: hypersensitivity, rebellion against injustice, lack of self-confidence, brain hypersensitivity …

On, Luke Martranger, a clinical psychologist who specializes in diagnosing high ability, offers some additional attributes to those with higher ability. These people have strong creativity, developed empathy and perfectionism.

Lack of self-confidence among HPIs

HPI individuals have great difficulty dealing with their emotions, both in children and in adults. This can be seen especially in terms of self-esteem: “People with higher intellectual abilities feel more stress due to their higher IQ. Negative stress negatively affects their self-esteem, ”says Audrey Bidet.

HPI is “a common anxiety disorder with intrusive thoughts. It feels individual and is not understood by others, ”says the medical psychologist. This awful situation will have an impact on the social interactions of these people.

That is, there are two forms of high energy: HPI, and HPE (high sensitivity). These two types of energies are relatively close in managing their emotions and HPI and HPE individuals are more sensitive. Distinguishing them is played on the level of intelligence: an HPE person has an average level of intelligence.

Official IQ tests

The main identity of a person with high intelligence: high intelligence level, which is about 130. To pass this exam, you will need to consult a psychologist or neuropsychologist. “The test lasts about two hours and takes place with logic sequence exercises, small tasks to do, a common cultural aspect,” explains Audrey Bidet. The results obtained during this test determine the level of intelligence of the patient.

Typically, this diagnosis is made in childhood, from the age of 6 years. But there are cases of adults who find themselves having more intellectual potential later in life. Once the results are obtained and the HPI is diagnosed, the patient can seek help from a psychologist or neurologist. Expert care allows the HPI person to “work on their self-esteem, manage their emotions, and understand others better,” concludes Audrey Bidet.

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