National Unity Day: Cameroonians promote coexistence among the people

National Unity Day: Cameroonians promote coexistence among the people

# In other countries : Cameroon celebrates 50th edition of National Unity Day on May 20, 2022. It was a moment of strong emotion that allowed the Cameroonians to value living together among the people of a country of more than 250 ethnic groups.

“The Security and Defense Forces guarantee the emergence of Cameron in the service of the people, to safeguard social peace and national unity”. Under this theme, activities were held in Cameroon to mark the 50th anniversary of national unity. The largest of these operations was a civil and military parade led by President Paul Pia in Yaound.

It should be remembered that National Unity Day was in fact the national holiday of the country established on May 20, 1972, which allowed the Cameroonians to vote for a unitary state against the current federal government. National Unity Day in Cameroon is an opportunity for the sons and daughters of the country to assess peace and unity among the people, which will address related difficulties.

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Citizens hope that by 2022, despite the socio-political crisis in the English-speaking regions, southwest and northwest regions of the country, coexistence will be beneficial.

However, many point out that certain behaviors hinder cooperation among people. Among other things, racism, nepotism, corruption and all kinds of injustices are mentioned. Others point to the inequality between the rich and the poor.

In short, the people in Cameroon live in unity. For example, mere clothing does not distinguish a northern country from a southern one. As with culinary values, they are not limited to areas of origin.

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“I’m from the center, but my favorite food is yellow sauce from the west or koki from the same region,” a taxi driver we met in Yaunde told us. Like him, others feel very comfortable in other people’s culture. There are more than 250 ethnic groups in Cameroon. A rich cultural energy to preserve for the country’s origins.

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