Childish statements by the Palestinian ambassador to Tucker in Morocco: the reaction of the Palestinian Authority

Following statements by its ambassador to Tucker “contrary to the official position of the Palestinian Authority”, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a circular banning the heads of its diplomatic missions abroad from expressing “personal views” on behalf of the state. Of Palestine.

The Palestinian Authority is re-training the leaders of its diplomatic missions. Following the reports, the commission issued a circular banning the heads of its diplomatic missions abroad from expressing “personal views” on behalf of Palestine, citing the unfortunate and untruthful nature of its ambassador to Senegal.

The Palestinian ambassador to Tucker said in a press release on a local electronic site that this “contradicts the official status of his own hierarchy”, which the Moroccan embassy in Senegal underlined in an update. Public on Friday, May 20;

“Two years later, from Dakar, this trip is very strange, unexpected and raises questions about the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel, its real motives, its agenda and its supporters. Do not hesitate “, refers to the representation of the kingdom.

“In addition to the sovereignty of the Moroccan situation, these have been adequately explained, in particular, to the highest-ranking Palestinian authorities, and this, within the framework of previous consultations, should not be ignored by questionable diplomats!”

The embassy recalled that on December 9, 2020, King Mohammed VI met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to inform him of the Moroccan approach and to discuss with him.

“Sovereignty underscores the fact that Morocco has always placed the Palestinian issue on the same level as the question of the Moroccan Sahara, and that the Kingdom’s move to sanctify Morocco will never be done today or in the future. The struggle for the just rights of the Palestinian people.”

“Indeed, the question of the Moroccan Sahara, there is nothing wrong with this budding debater, adds to the text, and has always been an absolute national priority for the entire Moroccan people. Rallied around Mohammed VI, meaning that the way and language used to address this issue in this diplomatic press release signifies total ignorance and unnecessary hostility to the Moroccan realities.

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