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Apple wants more production outside of China

Apple is in touch with some of its suppliers to announce its intention to increase production of products outside of China. The Wall Street Journal. Its purpose is not to depend on the country in the current situation.

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Production of Apple products outside China

Apple is familiar with China because most of its products are assembled there. But there are difficulties that are starting to emerge in earnest. First, the United States and China differ on several points, which does not help to know that Apple is an American company. The second point is directly related to Govit-19.

China has a “Zero Covid 19” policy, which is different from other countries. China’s goal is not to live with Covid 19 (as it is in France and other countries), but to eliminate it once and for all. So there are regular local locks, one of which is in Shanghai. Some Apple suppliers are based in Shanghai and assemble some products. They had to retire due to lockdowns, which are shown during shipping times for MacBook Pros and other products. Naturally, this is directly affected as customers have to wait long weeks to receive their products. Apple understands that this is a problem.

Which other countries produce quantity? Apple has India and Vietnam in its vision. But this change is not simple, especially due to the infrastructure and staff. Foxconn, which assembles iPhones in particular, already has a factory in India. But it is mainly used to make iPhones sold in India, not internationally unlike the factory in China.

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