Umbrella Academy: Netflix has released the trailer for its third season

Umbrella Academy : Netflix dévoile la bande annonce de la troisième saison

After the first season released in February 2019 and the second season released in July 2020, the series is a success Umbrella Academy Coming to the screen soon. Known information since 2021 but has been confirmed by a firm guarantee in recent days. This is a video promoting the third season, which was recently leaked by the Netflix operating system.

Umbrella Academy trailer for season 3 announcing interesting surprises for fans of the universe

The new series of the series is scheduled to release on June 22nd Umbrella Academy It will put an end to almost two years of impatience of production enthusiasts. The impatience that Netflix wanted to alleviate a little bit with the most impressive trailer for the operating system.

In the sequence proposed to announce the universe of this exciting, action-adventure, superhero and sci-fi series, we guess through exclusive films that the main characters land on a new plot. An Alternative World, Clan Struggle, but above all, as always since Season 1, it will be about the survival of mankind.

A product that aims to do better than previous products

At a time when streaming company Netflix’s glamor seems to be losing steam, all its new original series to be released face performance obligation. The U.S. company needs more in terms of vision and profitability that will allow it to get the animal’s hair back.

For season 3 By Umbrella Academy, Which significantly violates the goal of breaking the record of more than 45 million viewers aired in the first month of its first season. We can also cite other positive indicators using good product scores obtained on aggregators or movie review sites such as Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic.

To repeat these exploits, it is necessary to trust actors who have already proven themselves. These include prominent actors such as Elliott Page, Tom Hopper, Emmy Rover-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Adam Godley or Colm Freer.

In addition, with clues to the trailer ” Sparrow Academy “, We expect the integration of new interesting characters in this series that will increase the chances of success on the Netflix network.

Umbrella Academy, a universe inspired by comic books

In recent years, graphic novels, which have become the ninth art form, have become popular examples of Marvel and DC Comics producing great cinematic productions.

For Umbrella Academy, switching from a comic book to a screenplay is not without difficulties. By now, you should already know that this is a combination of the ideas of screenwriter Gerard Way and designer Gabriel Pa since 2007. The latter have already officially published three issues of this comic strip. Umbrella Academy, Apocalyptic Continuation, Umbrella Academy: Dallas and Umbrella Academy: Oblivion With Dark Horse Comics.

The first intentions of adapting his story to cinema began in 2010, especially with an initiative taken by production company Universal Studios into a film format. But after a promising start, especially supported by the writing of the screenplay by Rosen Marshall Durber, then the steps were endless.

Therefore, almost five years later, especially in July 2015, it is necessary to wait for the file. Umbrella Academy Returns to a cinematography project schedule, this time with the aim of developing the story into a series format. Four years later, we were able to acquire the rights to his first production, which will soon have a second sequel.

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