Starbucks 5 is testing the Return trophy at Persian stores

In a statement, Starbucks, the most popular American beverage brand, said next July, Customers can test the new Returnable File program if they wish. It is based on lessons learned from a trial run in 5 stores in Paris, particularly this year in the UK and other trials in Geneva. ” Customers may request that their drink be served in a reusable cup created by our partner Re-Uz when ordering during check-out, without having to remember to bring their own cup. “Creates Starbucks in a press release. The principle is simple: the customer can decide to pay one euro during the order” The file will be fully refunded upon withdrawal “After it is withdrawn, the file is sent to Re-Uz factories, cleaned by experts, disinfected and then reused.

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Starbucks is part of a sustainability strategy

After discontinuing the traditional, once-disposable plastic cups in their stores in the United States and Canada, Starbucks is now making further progress in the fight against waste and water waste. In fact, the U.S. company wants to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, but reduce their water use by 50%. By storing or reusing water used for direct operations and coffee production “Various measures have been taken to significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. This large-scale operation is being tested for long-term establishment in Paris. Reusable option in 4,000 Starbucks lounges across Europe, the Middle East and Africa By 2025

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