The main thing is not to participate, but to have fun!

Whether you are an amateur or an experienced player, this observation is especially true for equipment that is well-suited for excellent performance and precision. Not a bad trainer, but equivalent to saying that equipment is inappropriate after all.

You are a pioneer of club fitting / clubmaking in France, what’s that?

“All of them Exclusive Club Tuning Processes, For each golfer, based on precise scientific methods. Our goal is to create clubs that are unique to each golfer, “explains Andre D’Arnoldi, founder of Golf N’s Swing. I was able to observe the disappointment of many. Based on this observation, I designed the right balance of patented methods. .Golfers, no matter what their status, enjoy playing in a way they never thought possible.

What are these specific techniques based on?

Usually clubs are consistently swindled at a constant swingweight and have very few changes. In Golf N’s Swing, each golfer’s club is based on a dozen precise adjustments, taking into account both the golfer’s dynamics and the ballistic laws. Using sophisticated tools and methods, we adapt each club to suit your body type, your athletic abilities and your swing. Our processes, patented, take into account all dynamic and static data, making it possible to create club (s) one by one in your bag (from driver to putter). Perfect clubs Because they are so relevant to your morphological data, physical abilities, and generally to your biomechanics.

What are the goals of the coaches?

The best results based on your swing upgrade, accuracy, distance and discipline … The objectives vary depending on the players … However having the most appropriate equipment is relevant at all levels from beginner to advanced level. Excellent and very experienced. The first will progress very quickly while the best will see their scores improve in a very amazing way and exceed their joy in the game. Equipped with over 5,000 golfers since the company was formed, our equipment stands the test of time and has undoubtedly become the best companion of all golfers.

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