SD and microSD memory cards are revolutionizing the conversion of SSDs

SD and microSD memory cards are revolutionizing the conversion of SSDs

The SD Association recently released version 9.0 of the Specifications for SD and microSD memory cards. This new release introduces new security-related features with support for quick start technologies (Fast-boot) And safe (Safe start), As well as the definition of secure and hidden storage space, RPMB (Reboot the protected memory module) This area can only be accessed after a successful authentication process.

Version 9.0 also includes TCG storage, a secure storage system with encryption defined by a trusted system board. This system, for example, manages the quality of the TPM operating system required for Windows 11.

All of these components make it possible to safely boot an installation process from an operating system or memory card.
So, thanks to the secure boot process, you can boot or install Windows 11 from the SD or microSD card without compromising the integrity of the system.
Memory cards can become the only storage medium for Chromebooks by hosting not only data but also the operating system.
Additionally, they can be used to host நிலைபொருள் On devices such as drones, tablets and surveillance cameras. This makes it easier to replace storage in the event of a hardware or software problem than a soldered chip on the motherboard.

Switch to SSDs

But these new security features will take SD memory cards to a whole new level. Related to quality SD Express, They replace SSDs with SD or microSD cards. In fact, the new Gen4x2 version of the SD Express standard makes it possible to deliver speeds of around 4 GB / s, which is the speed of a good current NVMe SSD.
In addition, security functions can be provided for any capacity, especially future SDUC (SD Ultra Capacity) cards that can store 2 to 128 TB of data. Again, if something goes wrong, it will be easier to replace the machine’s storage device.

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However, these new features are optional in the SD Association 9.0 specification. Manufacturers of SD and microSD cards can choose whether or not to enable them. It is therefore essential to be vigilant when making a potential purchase.

Proof : SD Association

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