IDB Annual Meetings in Sharm Al-Sheikh, June 1-4, 2022


The Islamic Development Bank will hold its 2022 annual meetings in Sharm el-Sheikh, June 1-4. The Egyptian event will take place around the theme of “Beyond Recovery: Regression and Sustainability”.

Under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group will hold its 2022 annual meetings in Sharm Al-Sheikh at the official invitation of the Arab Republic of Egypt. 1ErUntil June 4, 2022, under the theme Beyond recovery: regression and sustainability This year’s meetings are being held against the backdrop of significant economic and geopolitical developments characterized by the significant decline in the Covid 19 epidemic and renewed hope for the recovery of the world economy.

Ministers of Economy, Planning and Finance from the 57 member states of the IDP will attend these meetings. Representatives of international and regional financial institutions, Islamic banks, National Development Finance Institutions and trade unions of entrepreneurs will also attend.

These meetings provide an opportunity to explore and explore ways to further strengthen economic ties between IDB member states. In addition, they provide member states with opportunities to enhance cooperation with participating financial institutions. At this year’s meetings, for the first time, the IDB Group’s private sector forum will be held for four days, where representatives of large companies and the business community are expected.

Cairo is using all its capabilities to ensure the success of the IDB Group’s annual meetings, said Hala al-Sayed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development and IDB Governor for Egypt. The group’s collaborative portfolio has grown to over $ 16 billion as a result of its extensive relationship with IDB since 1974. IDB was held in 1991 in Egypt.

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