Company |  Weather in Provence: Temperatures will rise again this weekend, with new records in view

Company | Weather in Provence: Temperatures will rise again this weekend, with new records in view

If you have already complained that it is hot, you are not at the end of your problems. This weekend and this weekend, Extraordinary heat in May Will continue to grow. Here, in detail, is the weather forecast for the next few days.

Friday, The temperature will be higher than the seasonal average. That too has become a habit for a few days. 30 ° C in Digne, 31 ° C in Aix, Avignon and Carpentras and 32 ° C in Bollène.

However, the beach is best protected: 26 to 27 ° C in Marseille, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Fos and Martigues. If you know that the normal temperature for this period will be 23 to 25 degrees Celsius, the sea will be much warmer in the south despite the wind, which will change a lot in the south. At speeds of 20 to 30 km / h, a small blower!

Fortunately a reasonable minimum

Fortunately, for now, the “mercury” level is quite reasonable at night and early in the morning. No more than 13 ° C in Digne, no more than 14 C in Carbendaz, no more than 16 ° C in Aix, and no more than 17 ° C across the coast (the air temperature in the evening will be lower as the sea temperature is higher).

Saturday, It’s not enough, it’s still hot. We need to get 1 ° C throughout our region. At least not much change, Météo-France, refers to the Aix branch.

The beach is protected from this heat wave

Sunday and Monday, We will reach the real peak. Chances are high that so many achievements will be surpassed! At least if it probably does not move, on the other hand, the highest ones will still climb. Decide for yourself: between 34 and 36 C in the Tourance Valley; 34 C in the Commodore Plain or Rhne Valley. At Aix, we should achieve “satisfaction” at 33 C. Although 28 degrees Celsius is expected, Marseille and coastal areas are still protected.

So she can do whatever she wants and take herself regularly for a summer month. Not in early July or late August, but in mid-July or the first half of August! The climate has already changed …

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