Apple is currently testing USB-C on its next iPhones

Apple is currently testing USB-C on its next iPhones
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A few weeks ago, members of the European Parliament voted in favor of a proposal to impose USB-C on technology companies as a standard charger for all portable electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Rumor has it that Apple will test this type of charger on its iPhones.

Recently, Ming-Xi Guo, an analyst who is particularly familiar with Apple brand products, said that the US company has decided to abandon USB-compact lightning technology. Today, those with “knowledge of the situation” say that USB-C testing is taking place on Apple’s branded smartphones, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Kerman.

Apple sees the transition to USB-C as a breakthrough. However, the company cannot escape it if European regulations are adopted. Mark Kerman points out that this technology will not be available on iPhones until 2023 because the iPhone 14, which is scheduled for release in the fall of 2022, will still be equipped with lightning cables.

This change should not disappoint users. They not only charge their mobile devices with a charger, but also benefit from faster transfers and charging speeds.

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