Aggressive Ants: All you need to know about Daphnema magnum, which abounds in our gardens

Aggressive Ants: All you need to know about Daphnema magnum, which abounds in our gardens

The Mediterranean ant Tobino magnum, which scares crops and resists treatment, is now in the Nantes area.

This creates annoyance for plantation owners : Tabino Magnum Ants. Residents of Saumur district say they have made every effort to get rid of these ants that have been invading them for 5 years. They live everywhere: in plants, in the kitchen, on the sofa, in the shower, in power stations, in air vents, in joints and even in windows. An aggressive pattern reminiscent of Asian hornets.

Three to four aerosol cans per resident per week

“Nothing to do, I tested all possible and imaginative products, even the most carcinogenic ones … but they always come back. Then they don’t punch, they bite directly!”Says one resident BFM TV. Another says he uses “three to four spray cans a week” at home. But it only allows him to be quiet for 2 or 3 hours.

Daphinoma magnum, the most invasive Mediterranean species, No natural predators. Someone may have brought a plant from the south of France one day.

Inspired by the size and size of the ants

Jean-Luc Mercier, a researcher at the IRBI (Insect Biology Research Institute in Tours), who visited there in July 2021, said. BFM TV “Very impressed by the size and size of the ants”. “This is the largest known colony of this species in France,” he says.

Financial assistance has been provided So the residents of this Saumur district can call special companies.

Is in the south of France

In fact, the LCI notes that these ants have long thrived without any significant impact on the lives of those living in the Mediterranean coastal areas. “It’s a polygamous ant, meaning there are many queens in one colony”, which creates a “very populous community”. Omnivorous tickThe latter is adapted to the human environment. Daphnema magnum can bite and not bite, but it is without risk. She has no poison. To identify it, a very simple test: if you crush this ant, it smells of butter.

Telegraph These ants are resistant to all treatments … not enough to reassure garden owners.

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