Wallonia monitors its water availability during drought

L’Ourthe, près de Durbuy, à un niveau très bas (archives août 2018)

“At groundwater level and at the level of reservoir dams, the situation is normal at this time of year.”, Immediately quoted by Stéphanie Ernoux, spokesman for the “Drought” section. Really low currents and reservoir dams are at low water levels, but, Stephanie Ernox believes, “We had an autumn and winter, which recharged our groundwater well.” How to describe the situation “Relatively convenient”.

For now, we are talking about drought in the western part of the Walloon region and in some of the communes in Nammur. “We are well aware that some municipalities have been hit hard by drought in recent years.”Stéphanie Ernoux explains.

However, now is the time to be cautious. “Mains water consumption level is monitored hourly and day by day”The speaker adds. More recently, owners of rainwater tanks have been advised to refill them on time to avoid overloading the distribution network..

At this point, this is a suggestion. “No police orders, no restrictions on main water consumption”Stephanie Ernox, spokeswoman for the “Drought” section, explains. “We are involved in creating awareness among the people to use the water supply fairly.”She adds.

Awareness, current monitoring can quickly give way to a more worrying situation without any worries. “It is true that this situation in the arid and most arid region identified by MRI attracts our attention.”Stéphanie Ernoux confirms, because in the next ten days the whole area will have to switch to this state of drought.

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