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Guinée-Bissau : Le président Umaro Sissoco Embalo dissout le Parlement

In a presidential decree issued on Monday, Bissau-Guinea President Umar Sissoko Embalo announced that he would dissolve parliament and hold early parliamentary elections by the end of this year.

Head of State “The political crisis that called into question the normal institutional relations between the elements of sovereignty” and “is clear today”.

Speaking about the “continuing and unresolved differences” with parliament, Embalo said he had heard from the People’s National Assembly (parliament), the political parties represented in parliament and the state council before making his decision.

According to him, “with this political crisis, the capital of trust between the elements of sovereignty is exhausted.” With this, he once again wants to give his comrades the opportunity to get parliament of their choice.

“I have decided to give the Guineans the platform again, so that again this year, they can freely choose the parliament they want from the ballot box,” he said.

For months, Guinea-Bissau has been plagued by tensions between the presidency and parliament, which, according to the head of state, have become “a site of political guerrilla warfare and conspiracy.”.

The president has accused the People’s National Assembly of having protected representatives embroiled in corruption and resisting auditing its accounts.

Since independence, this West African country has been facing constant political crises and institutional sanctions. He also recorded several conspiracy attempts.

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