When the earth turns into a desert: how to save the last soil?

May 9 to 20, COP15 against desertification Abidjan welcomes leaders from 197 countries to C டிte d’Ivoire. Qualified from “The Greatest Environmental Challenge of Our Time”Desertification is already suffering 500 million people Inside 168 countries And one-third of the planet’s surface. Especially an event with global warming. Or when the earth collapses at the feet of humanity …

Why soil is important. The soil, the living crust of the planet, provides 99% of food depends on humanity. Due to overuse by human activities, it is eroding, drying up and declining: according to the United Nations, 40% of the world’s land is already degradedAffect Half of the world’s population. Intensive agriculture, 90% of global deforestation is dueAs indicated.

Faced with this global degradation of the soil, arid zones – including Almost half of the world’s land area – Particularly vulnerable. In conjunction with global warming, this phenomenon intensifies and accelerates – Landslides occur 30 to 35 times faster today than in history. Following this path, An additional area parallel to South America could be devastated By 2050

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